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Vision Councilors Heather Deal and Andrea Reimer are reported to oppose investigating injuries on the Burrard Bridge
Coun. Deal and Reimer are using the “enormous” cost of such a study as an excuse for ignoring the safety of commuters.
In fact, all it takes to find out about injuries to Vancouver commuters on the Burrard Bridge is to ask ICBC - ICBC provides the data free of charge

Unfortunately for the 95% of commuters that travel by bus, car and taxi, deliveries and services , ICBC report shows 31% increase in injuries in 2009 and 20% increase in 2010.

The same Coun. Deal and Reimer had no problem wasting millions of dollars taken away from our libraries, parks and emergency services on unused, dangerous and wasteful separated bike lanes.

This underlines the incompetence of Vision Councillor Heather Deal and Andrea Reimer who would spend enormous amounts of your tax dollars rather then ask a simple question.