Manufacturing Congestion - removing road and sidewalk space

Incompetence of the Vancouver City Hall is on display at the Eastbound exit to the Pacific St. on the North end of the Burrard Bridge.  There you will find a lane of traffic and a sidewalk taken away between the exit ramp and the Hornby St. to accommodate a bike lane.

As a result this intersection is more congested, idling cars pollute and this location is more dangerous to merging traffic.  Vancouver's popular restaurant - "Kettle of Fish" closed its doors after bike lane was installed.

Remove incompetence from the City Hall on November 19th.

traffic cameras show eastbound traffic reduced to a single lane after placing concrete barriers on the roadway (note that the sidewalk is closed to pedestrians as well and could be used for a bike lane)

NO PEDESTRIANS ALLOWED on the sidewalk, roadway taken away, business driven away - result of incompetence at the Vancouver City Hall

wasted road space - courtesy of Mayor Robertson's City Hall

2/3rds of road and sidewalk space allocated to 5% of commuters - cyclists

the same exit ramp before bike lanes were installed - notice two lanes merging with Pacific St Eastbound and two left turn lanes from Pacific St onto the Burrard Bridge extending all the way to Hornby St and further east.

You may send this letter to the City Hall:
Please remove the concrete barrier from the roadway at the Eastbound exit from the Burrard Street Bridge onto the Pacific Street and place it on the sidewalk that is closed to pedestrians.
This will reduce traffic congestion while preserving bike lane.